Sell Your Condo Fast in Mesa AZ

If you are looking to sell your condo fast in Mesa AZ, you have come to the right place. We also purchase condos all around Phoenix and surrounding areas. We can pay cash, close quickly, and take care of all the paperwork so that the enitre transaction is as easy on you as possible.

No matter what your situation is, we can help. Trust me when I say that we have seen it all. We have been in Real Estate and buying houses, mobile homes, and condos since 2002 and have dealt with every situation you can think of. We bought condos from sellers that inherited a hoarder home. We’ve bought from sellers that live our of state and had a tenant trash their property. And we even buy from sellers that have a perfectly updated condo that just want an easier sales process than dealing with selling traditionally through a Realtor.

  • We Can Help You in Any Situation: Inherited Property, Probate, Divorce, Job Transfer,
  • Trashed Rental Property, Upgrade, Downsize
  • We Buy In Any Condition
  • We Buy In Any Area, not just Mesa Arizona
  • We Buy Houses, Mobile Homes, Condos & Apartment Buildings
  • We Can Buy Regardless of Equity
  • We Can Close Fast

Let’s do a quick rundown on your options for when you decide you are ready to sell.

Option 1: You could sell traditionally through a Realtor. If your condo had been updated and you don’t mind waiting an undecided amount of time, this will probably be your best bet to get top dollar. Please let me know if you need a recommendation for a good Realtor.

Option 2: You can stick a For Sale By Owner sign, or list it on Zillow and other websites. I don’t usually reccommend this option unless you have no real desire to actually sell your condo. Yes, some people can sell on their own. Yes everyone has that 1 friend that supposedly sold for more money than through a Realtor. Yes, people do win the lottery also. But, look at actual facts. MOST of your retail buyers will have a Realtor search for them. Buyers trust Realtors, and want a professional on their side. Facts and statistics prove that FSBO’s net more profit then selling through a Realtor.

Option 3: Sell to an Investor. There are many benefits to selling directly to a buyer or an investor, but getting top dollar is not one of those. We usually buy condos and homes that need work or haven’t been updated in a while…so the lower price makes sense. Obviously if your condo has old countertops and needs a new roof, it will not sell for as much as an updated condo with new everything. That makes sense. The problem is that most sellers think their condo is better than all the others for sale because they have an attachment to it. But take a logical step back and look at them through the eyes of a buyer. Some of the benefits we can offer you are: a fair offer, we can pay cash, no inspections or surveys, no repairs, and we will do all the paperwork for we. Our goal is to make the entire condo selling process as simple on you as possible.



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