Are You Asking How To Sell My House For Cash in Mesa?

Sell House For Cash by calling us today

Sell House For Cash by calling us today


Are you searching on google for how to sell my house for cash in Mesa AZ? Well you are not alone. There is a major trend going on in the marketplace right now in that many people simply can not, or do not want to list with a Realtor and sell the traditional way.

There are many hassles that go along with listing your property on the MLS. First of all, to get top price your house needs to be completely up to date. Your kitchen, bathrooms, flooring, and paint need to have been updated no longer than 5 years ago. Your retail buyers will get a full inspection on the property and an inspector will come over with a fine tooth comb. Is your roof good?, Your AC, water heater, and appliances? Any wood rot, or termite damage? And flooding or signs of water damage? Trust me when I say that an inspector will find something…and the buyers will expect you to pay for it. Not to mention constantly having to keep your house perfectly clean while dozens of strangers wonder around your home.

Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes selling traditionally is a better option. If your house is in perfect condition, you don’t mind strangers coming in all the time, and you are in NO hurry what-so-ever…then this route is your best bet. In fact, the houses we renovate and sell are sold for top dollar through a Realtor. But these are houses that have gone through a complete renovation in wich we spent $25,000 to $100,000 and up for the remodels. Some mortgage companies make you show proof that the contractors are licensed and permits were pulled for the work. So for the people that are selling their updated or renovated homes and have all the time in the world, I highly suggest selling traditionally. I can even recommend some of the best Realtors in the Valley.

But for the other people out there that have a property that needs work, or that need to sell fast…then give us a call right away. It does not matter what the condition is of the home. We have bought houses that are so trashed, we needed to bulldoze it and start over. But most of the homes we buy simply need to bring back to life with some renovating love. We specialize in going in there and opening the home up to give it a nice open feel. We replace or update the kitchen and bring it back to a 2016/2017 selling standard. This usually includes granite countertops, white or light self-closing cabinets, and updated lighting. We also update the bathroom. No matter how clean your toilet & tub is, no retail buyer wants their bum sitting on a used toilet. We update the flooring with the most popular tile floors with carpet in the bedroom. Then we finish it off with fresh paint inside and out while making sure all the major appliances are up to par.

We can buy your property from you no matter what your situation is. We are experts in clearing up any problems that arise and make the entire process as easy on our sellers as possible.

We are NOT the typical We Buy Houses Guys in Mesa, Arizona. We strive to ad value and make sure it is a win win deal. If our sellers don’t win, we help point them in the right direction.

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