How to sell a house with no equity

sell a house with no equity

No Equity? Upside Down?

Are you wanting to sell your house with no equity? We have a program that might be a great fit for you. We talk to sellers all the time that are in uniques situation in which they need to sell, but do not have enough equity to sell traditionally through a Realtor. I have even seen sellers that have had to come to the closing table with a large check just to be able to sell their house. Even if you have some equity in the house, you still might be stuck when you consider that their could be as much as 20% in total commission, closing costs, and fees that come out of your final sale. Not to mention any repairs that the buyer will ask you to make.

We have a strategy for our sellers in Mesa Arizona that will enable you to sell your house with no equity, or even net more of a profit if you do have equity. We can usually pay you almost full retail price without any commissions, fees, or closing costs coming out. All while closing quickly so you can move on with your life.

This is done by letting us professionally rent it from you for a short term, and buying it from you for full price at the end of the lease. This is most commonly known as a Rent-To-Own or a Lease Option. There are many great benefits to make this a win-win deal for everyone involved. You will save thousands of dollars by not paying commissions, fees, or closing costs. You can sell with no equity. You will not have to wait months upon months of it sitting on the MLS. You will no longer be responsible for any repairs, maintenance, taxes, or insurance.

Here’s the process:
Call or text us at 602-461-8725. We will have a polite and no-obligation talk on the phone to discuss your unique situation.
We will meet you at your home and discuss the terms. We can usually pay you full retail price, full market rents, a term of 24 months or less, and take over all the repairs & maintenance.
We will have our expert escrow officer handle all of the paperwork, making this entire process as easy on you as possible.
We take over and professionally manage your property. We have a vested interest so we guarantee to make all the payments on time and make sure the property is well taken care of. The monthly payments are automatically taken out of our account by a servicing agency through the escrow company. They will pay your mortgage payment, and the remaining payment goes to you. We will pay for any repairs that need to be made, so this is NOT like owning a rental property. You will get all the tax benefits of owning a rental home. And then we will cash you out within the specified term for full asking price.

Can you do this yourself? Yes you can. You can go out and learn all about the ins and outs of selling your house as a rent to own. You can pay thousands of dollars to an attorney to find the legal issues. You can learn by trial and error how to find the right/or wrong tenant buyers. Or you could sell it to a professional company like us that has the experience to protect you and your home.

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