Text #1: Hi First name, do you still have Company name for rent or for sale?

No – [End]
Yes – Proceed to Text #2…

Text #2: Great. I’m looking for property I can buy with Seller financing, or a Lease Purchase. Would you consider this if I also pay for all repairs & maintenance?

No – Ok, so are you just looking to get cashed out?
      Tell me, what’s it worth. How much do you want? and how much work is needed?
Yes – Proceed to Text #3

Text #3: Awesome. So the next step is to talk on the phone so I can get some more information about the property. When is a good day & time for you?

Perfect. I will talk to you <day & time>. My name is David Schardt by the way.


1:  Hi <name> this is David Schardt calling you about your home at <address>…did I catch you at a good time?

2: What can you tell me about it? (beds/baths – size – Lot size – Pool)

3: Does it need any repairs?

4: When was the last time it was updated?


How soon were





























The link